The obesity problem in Japanese students

Today’s topic is the obesity problem from BBC- Learning.

It is obviously a serious problem that the number of adults who are overweight or obese has been increasing since 1980. I think one of the main reasons of the global obesity problem is caused by spreading western junk food cultures.The reason why I think this is that I have seen a lot of Japanese students who study in Australia gained massive amount of weight. I believe that this problem is caused by the differences between Japanese foods and Australian foods. I am going to introduce two reasons for obesity in Japanese.

Generally, Japanese cuisine is described as low calorie or healthy food. Most Japanese eat breakfast, lunch, dinner regularly as well as Australians. The different points are that Japanese dishes have a variety of  dishes such as, rice, miso-soup, salad, fish or beef, some cooked or boiled food. They eat small amounts of a variety food. However, western style foods are served as small variety of dishes but those amounts are huge. These differences influence the balance of nutrition. In general, western style foods are oily, fatty, excessive amounts of carbohydrates such as in fish and chips, despite this I like this.

On the other hand,  another source of calories comes from snacks. There are many kinds of snacks in supermarkets in Australia. I think these numbers are  three times the number of snacks in Japanese supermarkets. And also each snack has much sugars than Japanese ones. Even though Japanese students understand these facts, they cannot stop eating yummy Australian snacks,because the sugar is an addictive ingredient, and the disinformation that the brain needs sugar has spread all over the world. Under self-excuse, people take sugar products everyday. In fact, we make sugar from fats and amino acids.

In conclusion, Japanese students who study in western countries should consider their eating habits and continue to eat healthy foods. In addition, they ought to conquer the temptations of sugar in snacks. Otherwise, they will lose their shape and can not go back to their home country.







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