Do you know that Sydney CBD area has many beautiful places?

It is understood among Japanese that Sydney CBD only has business buildings.
As if many foreign country’s cities have many parks and museums, Sydney also has not only beautiful parks, but also good museums and glorious bays.

I took a walk on Saturday in an hour from my office to Circular Quay where places the north part of Sydney city and there were many places that I took photos due to introduce this city to you.

St Mary's Cathedral
1. St Mary’s Cathedral(Side View)

Art Gallery Road


2.Art Gallery Road (Via Botanic Garden and Art Museum of NSW)

Firstly, there is  a big park in the center of this city which is named Hyde Park.This park has gorgeous church (see photo 1). People can enter this church and it is sometimes lighted up at the night time. When we walk in the park to north end, we will find a lot of medieval buildings. If you want to take a rest on the wide grass field, you should walk along Art Gallery Road (see photo 2).

botanical garden

3.Royal Botanic Gardens

Art Gallery


4.Art Gallery of NSW

Botanic Garden


5. good place to take a rest in Royal Botanic Garden

As you go along Art Gallery Road to the north with good view, you can find Royal Botanic Garden (see photo 3) on your left side and Art Gallery of NSW on your right side. Both facilities are brilliant. You should visit these facilities when you come to Sydney.Besides, you can take a rest in Royal Botanic Garden which has wide grass field (see photo 5).









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