Future War – ‘Killer robot’

Nowadays, there are a lot of killer machines that are developing in military advanced countries.Therefore, United Nations held a conference about banning of fully autonomous weapons on late 2013. There are many problems that will occur in the future war using machines. However I strongly agree with the momentam about global banning of drones, it might be ridiculous idea to make the rule of wars. Because, the purposes of war is to win the battle among countries. The major way taking advantage is to break the rules and to use banned weapons due to kill massive amounts of people. Even though United Nations will make the strong rules of killer machines, no countries would follow these rules when they have to fight against other countries, because machines have huge ability to adopt in the war.

Generally, machines are invented by human for our convinience of our life. For instance, Machines can lift huge rocks, or make sensitive tiny IC chip which we cannot make by our hands. In the military area, the machines has also been developing various adopitons of the army. For example, the united states invents remote spy planes which is controlled by human in the base or aircraft carrier. It might be paradigm shift that no human soldier won’t die at the battle field in the future. Alternatively killer robots will go into the war. It seems like the science fiction, but it turns into the real world in these days. As the robots don’t live, some specialists state that using machines in the war are more humanity way than using human soldiers.
On the other hand, politicians alart the momentum of implementing machines to the war, because the programmer of machines can architect algorythm of machines without any mercy to kill people. Furthemore, machine can become to decide whether kill or not as a stand-alone drone. It will come out the terrible consequences in the future world. Thus, I think that United Nations held the conference to ban the killer robots.
In conclusion, we ought to understand not only how dangerous the robots can kill humans, but also how we can eliminate the war all over the world. United Nations was made by countries who victoried the World War 2, so these countries still have a lot of military power. The role of key contries is stabilizing peace of  entire world. They have to use their time to discuss about banning war. I think that it is ridiculous to use theire time for bannning massive killing weapons without discussing about the peace, because premises of these discussions are allowances of wars. For example, America try to prevent expanding nuclear weapons in the world, but they have still many nuclear bombs, beseides they are not preventing the war.
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